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Welcome from the Head of Access, Health and Social Care, and Science

The Centre for Health and Social Care Professions' mission is to produce motivated and competent young professionals ready to work effectivelyand safely in the modern health and social care environment. To this end our diverse and experienced team deliver a range of Health and Social Care and Science programmes including BTEC Level 1,2 and 3, NCFE Counselling, Gateway Access to Higher Education and the City and Guilds Dental Extended Diploma.

The Health and Social Care programmes attract learners who have aspirations to work in the caring professions such as nursing, midwifery, paramedics, social work, psychology, biomedical sciences and related areas. The BTEC programmes challenge learners on many levels to develop both their academic knowledge and practical skills, and all have a critical work placement component. Academically the Level 2 and 3 programmes include a variety of assessment methods including examinations, up to three hours in the case of the Level 3 programme's Research Methods unit. Learners are also required to produce coursework for a wide range of units from Nutrition, Sociology, Psychology, Healthy Lifestyles, Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs, Health Promotion, Principles of Safe Practice and many more.

Suzanne Kinsey, Head of Access, Health and Social Care, and Science

Suzanne Kinsey, Head of Access, Health and Social Care, and Science

Coursework is produced in many formats including reports, essays, case studies and verbal presentations to develop crucial communications skills needed in the health and social care environment.

Practical skills are developed wherever possible during classroom based sessions with group work honing critical problem solving approaches, and role play where challenging scenarios are played out and then analysed using reflective techniques. Work placement is a crucial component of all Health and Social Care programmes and all learners are assessed on work placement, further developing their employability and CV for future job aspirations and bringing the theory to life with real applications

If you'd like to invest your time developing the next generation of NHS staff, we'd love to hear from you. Our students love learning from current and recent practitioners - and you can do this for just a few hours a week, or for a short time engagement alongside your current role. Browse through the roles below and if you'd like a chat about the opportunities and how you might be able to use your skills and experience to inspire and educate your successors, please get in touch with Suzanne at to arrange an informal chat.

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